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Are dental visits causing anxiety? Sleep dentistry offers you the option to go to sleep for your dental treatment.
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Sedation Dentistry

Experience in-clinic Dental Sedation

Our clinic provides solutions for patients with dental phobias as well.

Experience in-clinic Dental Sedation, also known as Sleep Dentistry, to undergo comprehensive treatment, in an anxiety-free session. We collaborate with qualified Dental Sedationists to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

Don’t let fear hinder your pursuit of optimal oral health – our tailored options make dental care accessible for everyone.

Why Choose Us

  • Highly trained Dentist who have experience working with patients under sedation
  • Highly skilled visiting sedation experts
  • Great alternative to hospital sedation
  • Can be done at our location or at a dedicated facility
  • Multiple payment plan options available
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Common Problems

Tooth Decay
Tooth decay, also called dental caries or cavity, is the most prevalent dental problem in the world. Signs include block/brown holes in your teeth, broken teeth, bad taste or smells.
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Gum Infection
Do you have swollen, red, bleeding gums, or bad breath? This might indicate a gum infection which requires prompt treatment.
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Tooth Abscess
A tooth abscess is a painful and potentially dangerous dental condition that arises from a bacterial infection. Signs include pain, swelling, gum pimples, bad breathe or taste.
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Teeth Grinding
Teeth grinding (bruxism), is the involuntary clenching, gnashing, or grinding of the teeth. Signs include tooth wear, sensitivity, jaw pain, and headaches.
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Impacted Wisdom Teeth
Impacted Wisdom teeth are generally described as molars which are coming out at odd angles but seem stuck at the same time. Signs include pain, swelling, infection, and headaches.
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Tooth Ache
Tooth ache troubles? Let us help
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Sensitive Teeth
Sensitive teeth are generally described as sharp, short-acting tooth pain when you drink cold drinks, eat ice cream, or drink hot tea.
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Yellow Teeth
Yellow teeth, or discoloured teeth, is a common tooth problem that is generally cosmetic in nature but may have underlying implications.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Sedation Dentistry work?

Absolutely! We collaborate with a skilled sleep dentistry team boasting years of expertise in providing anxiety-free dental care. Experience a tranquil session where you can undergo all necessary dental procedures and wake up without remembering it. This option is ideal for individuals with severe dental phobia, and our proficient team conducts thorough medical suitability assessments. Rest assured, you’ll receive exceptional care throughout the process.

Sleep Dentistry adheres to stringent regulations to ensure safety with every procedure, which can result in higher costs. Our team includes a Dental Sedation expert, a dedicated medical nurse, a Dental Professional, and a Dental Nurse, all present throughout the procedure. Despite the expenses, we strive for efficiency by maximising treatment within the two-hour timeframe. Unlike hospital treatments, there are no additional hospital fees, making it a cost-effective and efficient option.

Entrust us with your dental care.
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