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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are bad teeth genetic?

Genetic factors play a part in risk factors but are not a sole cause of having “bad teeth”.

It is very rare that a genetic factor would be the sole overwhelming reason for having poor oral health outcomes. Genetic factors play a stronger role in gum disease (Periodontal Disease) and Orthodontic malocclusion compared to something like tooth decay.

Even with risk factors, you can manage these with good Oral Hygiene, maintaining a healthy diet and regular continuing care appointments with your Dental Professional.

When we look at your teeth/gums, oftentime we cannot see what is happening underneath. Dental x-rays provide a wealth of knowledge about the presence of any decay, infection, fractures or other findings.

Having regular dental X-rays are imperative to maintaining good Oral Health outcomes.

If you are at low risk of dental decay and maintain good oral hygiene and regular visits to your Dental Professional, you may only need Dental x-rays every 2 years.

Modern digital dental x-rays are very low in radiation dose so are completely safe to be taken when required.

As a general rule, depending on what type of treatment, fillings should last 7-10 years (depending on size and type). Implants and crowns should last longer, 10-15 years.

The prognosis of any treatment done in the mouth varies depending on multiple factors, mainly:

  • Oral hygiene
  • Dietary habits
  • Patient risk factors- e.g. smoking, complex medical histories
  • Bite factors- e.g. grinding teeth, clenching teeth, missing teeth which put more force on teeth

Treatment can last much longer in favourable conditions so to ensure you have good longevity of your treatment, maintain a good oral care regime and regular visits to your Dental Professional so that they can spot any problems early on!

We do need to contact you about your appointments, treatment and other reasons. Oftentime if we are unable to reach you on your phone number, we require another form of contact and that is why we take your email address.

We are also trying to reduce our paper footprint so we email most statements, treatment plans and information sheets. We have also had issues with phone systems previously if the mobile network is down so this allows us another mode of contact.

If you do not wish to share your email, please let our Team know.

Entrust us with your dental care.
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