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Empowering Smiles and Enriching Communities.

Rebuilding Smiles

Rebuilding Smiles
We take pride in our collaboration with the Rebuilding Smiles program, an initiative by the Australian Dental Association Dental Health Foundation that provides vital treatment for individuals impacted by domestic and/or family violence. Our commitment includes offering Pro-Bono treatment to referred patients through this program. For further insights into this impactful initiative, please visit https://www.adadhf.org.au/

Adopt a patient 
Another initiative we are proud to be a part of is Adopt a Patient , a program by the Australian Dental Association Dental Health Foundation that pairs volunteer dentists with individuals requiring a course of dental care. This involves adopting a patient throughout the entire treatment process. The connection between patients and practices is established through a referral system facilitated by various charities.

Read about our impact in the ADADHF Quarterly Impact newsletter in April 2024 here.

Green Initiative

Digital records and documentation
We make a conscious effort to minimize paper usage in our processes. This begins with our New Patient Forms, completed digitally on iPads or your own device before your appointment. Additionally, we opt for email communication for all correspondence, including account statements, to reduce reliance on paper.


Amalgam Waste collection
The extraction and breakdown of amalgam, once removed from the mouth, pose environmental concerns as they introduce harmful substances into our waterways. In collaboration with Ecocycle, we have implemented amalgam separators to effectively filter out this material. Ecocycle ensures its safe disposal, addressing environmental sustainability in our practice. Please head to Ecocyle to learn about how this great initiative!

Green Initiative Imagebg


Soft Plastics
Currently, we are temporarily pausing our soft plastics recycling efforts due to a nationwide halt in recycling capabilities. Rest assured, as soon as recycling operations resume, we will promptly restart our initiatives to recycle all soft plastics.

Regular recycling
We are dedicated to promoting sustainability, and as part of our commitment, we actively recycle all recyclable materials, including items such as boxes, paper, and clean sterilsing bags. By incorporating responsible waste management practices, we aim to contribute to a greener and more environmentally conscious approach in our operations.

Shredded paper
Did you know that you cannot place shredded paper in your regular recycle bin? At our Clinic, we take extra care with sensitive papers that we receive by shredding them and responsibly disposing of the shreds at the Council tip. We are committed to making every effort to be environmentally friendly because we believe that every small action contributes to a more sustainable future.

We’ve teamed up with TerraCycle to provide our patients with the Colgate Oral Care Free Recycling Program. Cranbourne North Dental is dedicated to providing a public drop-off point for your old toothbrushes (except our eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes!), floss containers, toothpaste tubes & caps and Electric toothbrush heads. 

Sustainable Dentistry with 100% Electric & Solar Power

At Cranbourne North Dental, we are dedicated to environmental responsibility and a sustainable future. Embracing an all-electric approach, we’ve significantly reduced our reliance on traditional energy sources, opting for a 10kw Solar system that has propelled us to achieve a negative NET electricity use since 2022.

In the past year alone, our solar system produced an impressive 12.9 MWh, while our consumption remained at a minimal 11.5 MWh. To further enhance our commitment, we’re actively exploring battery options to decrease dependence on the grid at night and to ensure uninterrupted power supply during outages.

Our commitment to energy efficiency extends beyond solar power. Cranbourne North Dental has invested in a range of eco-friendly solutions, from LED lighting and energy-efficient appliances to reverse cycle zoned heating and cooling. Our upgrades also include window tinting, as well as improved wall, roof, and flooring insulation that surpasses minimum requirements.

But our efforts don’t stop there. We’ve incorporated nature into our practice by strategically placing indoor plants. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these plants act as nature’s own air purifiers, contributing to a healthier environment for our patients and staff.

Join us at Cranbourne North Dental in making a positive impact on the environment while receiving exceptional dental care.

Impact Solar Panel

Frequently Asked Questions

Faq Img1
As a patient, how can I help with your environment initiatives?

Small things make a difference. If you opt for getting statements, information sheets, treatment plans and most correspondence emailed, this makes a huge difference in the amount of paper waste we generate.

We also do all our New Patient Paperwork digitally on our iPad.

There are options to recycle toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes at free recycling drop off points. Head here to find out more- https://www.terracycle.com/en-AU/brigades/oral-care-brigade-au

We are in the process of becoming a Public Drop off point!

Our bamboo toothbrushes can be snapped off and recycled easily in your Green Waste bin!

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