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What is a toothache?

A toothache refers to pain or discomfort in and around a tooth. It can range from mild sensitivity to severe throbbing pain and is often a symptom of an underlying dental issue.

Tooth Ache Symptoms


 A toothache can be caused by various dental issues, including:

Tooth Decay

The most common cause, as bacteria damage the tooth enamel, leading to cavities and sensitivity.

Inflammation and infection of the gums can result in pain and discomfort.

Pus-filled pockets around the tooth or in the gums can cause severe pain.

Cracked or loose fillings can cause sensitivity and pain.

Cracks or fractures in the tooth can lead to pain, especially while chewing.

Receding gums or gum disease can expose the tooth roots, leading to sensitivity.

Wisdom teeth that don’t have enough space to emerge properly can cause pain.

A knock to the tooth can cause nerve problems in a tooth.

Sinus Infection- sometimes, pain from a sinus infection can be felt in the upper teeth.


Symptoms of a toothache, or tooth pain, may include:

Persistent Pain

Unrelenting discomfort or throbbing pain in the affected tooth.

Heightened sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, often resulting in sharp pain.

Swelling and tenderness in the gums or around the affected tooth.

Discomfort or sharp pain while chewing or biting down.

Persistent headaches, especially concentrated around the affected tooth.

Unpleasant taste or bad breath, often indicating an underlying issue.

Visible signs of decay, discoloration, or swelling around the tooth.

Pain or tenderness in the jaw, particularly near the affected tooth.

Tooth Ache Cause
Tooth Ache Treatment


Effective treatment for a toothache involves targeted interventions based on the underlying issue:

Dental Fillings for Cavities

Addressing cavities with dental fillings to alleviate pain and restore tooth structure.

Conducting a root canal procedure for advanced decay or infections, removing diseased pulp and sealing the tooth.

Extracting irreparably damaged or infected teeth to prevent further complications.

Performing a thorough dental cleaning to address gum-related toothaches and promote overall oral health.

Pain medications for symptomatic pain relief.

Timely intervention is key to alleviating pain and preventing further complications. So contact us now!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the best pain relief for a toothache?

The best pain relief for a toothache is usually to take an anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen regularly according to the packet directions. This is provided that you are medically able to take Ibuprofen.

If not, you can take paracetamol regularly and there are combination painkillers that combine ibuprofen and paracetamol.

Whatever pain relief you take, you must ensure that you follow the packet directions and take the appropriate amount. Try not to mix and match pain relief because the concentrations may vary or you may double up.

Early stage tooth aches, cold water may aggravate the area but in later stage severe toothaches, cold water may soothe the area. A cold pack to the area may also help.

Avoid eating anything very hard but it is still important to eat something especially when taking pain relief.

Seek individual advice from the pharmacist or call your dental professional.

Anti-inflammatory gels applied topically in the toothache area may help if the pain is more related to the gums. If it is due to a tooth, it is unlikely to help. There is no scientific evidence supporting the use of clove oil but some report it helps temporary relief from pain.

Most over the counter remedies are only meant for symptomatic short term relief and ensure you are only usually TGA approved medications after checking with the pharmacist to ensure safety.

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