Updated 08/08/2017.

We know that unexpected dental treatment can be expensive especially since you don’t always get time to budget for it. A smile is for life, so it is definitely worth your while to plan for the future.

More importantly, delaying any necessary dental treatment does not make it easier or cheaper in the long run. If a tooth needs to be fixed – best to get this done early before it becomes more than just a filling!

The best way to help you attain the smile and great oral health is to start treatment as soon as you can! We have a variety of payment plans on offer here at Cranbourne North Dental. Have a look at some of your options below:

Zipmoney Logo

ZipMoney is one of our most popular payment plans – offering 0% interest (up to 12 months) and $0 deposit to start your treatment. There is a small setup fee of $0-99 (depending on amount financed) and a $4.95 monthly account keeping fee. ZipMoney allows patients to finance up to $15,000. It’s super easy to sign up to – all you have to do is visit this page here (health.zipmoney.com) or SMS ‘HEALTH’ to 0428 245 234.


Denticare is one of Australia’s most popular dental payment plan schemes on the market. Denticare is best used for Orthodontic treatment however it can also be used for general dental as well! Denticare offers 0% interest (up to 24 months) and a small deposit of $500 for Orthodontics or 20% for general dental treatment. There are no admin or monthly account keeping fees – only a small $0.88c direct debit fee or a 1.25% credit card surcharge for the repayments. Signing up to Denticare is super easy! If you are interested in signing up to Denticare – just let our team know and we will give you a form to fill up. (Alternatively you can download the form here: 148783 Cranbourne North Dental Dental DDR NF Form).


MacCredit is a payment plan solution for patients who need to access to extensive dental treatment sooner. Payment plans with MacCredit start from $4,000 up to $75,000 with payment terms up to 7 years! Interest and admin fees can vary but rest be assured that the MacCredit team will find the best solution for you! Signing up to MacCredit is super easy! You can apply directly online here. An online calculator is available here.

We are here to help so give us a call on 03 5933 2766 if you have any questions on these payment plans!