Nearly all of us have heard about how the teeth suffered after a pregnancy, so what does this mean?

Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy!  It is a tricky time since you have so many things to be mindful of.

On a teeth & oral health level, rest assured most things will be the same.

Pregnancy itself is not a huge risk factor for your teeth developing problems. There are a few things to monitor while pregnant:


Things to note

  • Due to the increased hormones in our body, your gums may bleed a bit more than normal
    • What to do: Ensure you floss daily, brush 2x day and clean your teeth well
    • A healthy mouth is good for your general health as well
  • Gums may be a bit more sensitive
    • Follow as above
  • Morning sickness
    • This acid attack in your mouth does weaken the enamel
    • Where possible, rinse your mouth after the episode and avoid brushing for 30 minutes. This is because if you brush straight after, the acid weakens your teeth and you are more likely to wear it down further by brushing
    • Drink lots of water after as well
  • Constant snacking
    • Due to the fact you are now eating for two, your frequency of eating/snacking may be higherà this increases your risk of developing holes
    • Ensure you are eating healthy foods that are low in sugar/acid/no sugar
    • Rinse your mouth after eating, where possible
    • Drink lots of water


Visiting the dentist

  • It is a great idea before you plan for kids to make sure your mouth is in great condition as well.
  • If you don’t manage to visit before, don’t worry! It is perfectly safe to visit the dentist while you are pregnant!
  • The most comfortable time to visit is in your second trimester (mainly for your comfort sitting in the chair)
  • It is safe to get most procedures done in the chair while pregnant so you don’t need to put off anything
  • If you are uncertain about anything, rest assured your dentist will go through with it and discuss your concerns

The main thing I’ve found is that new mums are tired with so much to do and the lack of sleep, it’s hard to look after yourself properly. So don’t forget about your own health and wellbeing along with your baby 🙂

As always, give us a call or book online to discuss further.