We promise they are all easy tips to follow!

1) Brush 2 x a day.

You would think everyone knows this already but sadly not everyone does it! Brushing for a full 2 minutes every morning (as soon as you wake up) and every night (no eating after brushing at night!)

2) Flossing!

This is the part where most of my patients sigh. Everyone knows they have to do it, but most can’t be bothered! It takes less than 30 seconds to do and makes such a difference to your oral health. You’d be amazed at the amount of stuff that comes out! If you’re not sure how to do it, then ask your dentist to show you!

3) Use an appropriate toothpaste

E.g. If you are at high risk of developing cavities, your dentist may recommend a special higher fluoride toothpaste to reduce your risk OR if you have a dry mouth you may need a special toothpaste formulated for dry mouth.

4) Eat well

a. Reduce your sugar consumption
b. Reduce your acid consumption
c. Try not to snack/graze between meals

5) Drink well

a. Water, water and more water! Good for your body and good for your teeth!
b. Sugary and acidic drinks destroy teeth!
c. Try to drink the “evil drinks” through a straw to reduce the contact it has with your teeth
d. Try to drink water straight after drinking “evil drinks” or rinse your mouth out.

In an ideal dentist-created world, there would be no sugar or acid but we’ll admit, even we have something sweet once in a while but the key is moderation!

You can have a treat sometimes (with your meal) rather than snacking between meals. This way your saliva protects your teeth and your teeth have a better chance of recovering from the sugar attack!

Your teeth are precious so try your best to look after them well! 🙂