So everyone has heard about veneers! I get so many people coming in and asking me about veneers and most people don’t really understand what they are!

What are veneers?
Veneers are facings/covers that are bonded onto the tooth to change the shape/colour/alignment of teeth. Generally all 6 front teeth are done at the same time. Sometimes you may only need fewer done- this really depends on your teeth.

What are they made of?
There are many different types of veneers

  • Composite veneers (these are made from filling material layered onto your tooth)
    • Will not achieve the same level of aesthetics as a lab made veneers but in some cases are a good option
    • Need replacement/polishing more frequently according to your diet- it can catch stains/discolour with time
    • Cheaper than the lab made veneer
  • Porcelain/Ceramic
    • The teeth are first prepared at the dentist and a mould is taken of your teeth. You will have temporary veneers placed while the proper veneers are being made
    • The veneers are custom made in the lab
    • They are then tried in and bonded onto the teeth

Indications for getting veneers

Fix mild-moderate alignment issues e.g. crowding, spacing

  • Stained teeth that cannot be whitened
  • Change the shape of the teeth

Other options to veneers

Sometimes, there are better options than veneers. It may be better in some cases to think about braces/clear aligners to correct your crowding instead of veneers. At other times, whitening and enamel microabrasion may also brighten up your smile. This is why it is always best to consult your dental professional


Things to note

 Veneers can chip and break over time so it will need to be redone as required. This is why it may be better to get something like orthodontics done instead so there is no continual treatment required to maintain it (other than retainers of course!).

Veneers are a great option in the right case and sometimes you will need to wear a night guard to ensure that you don’t break your veneers!

If you would like more information or want to book in for a consult for veneers just give us a call or book online now  🙂