You hear this term a lot lately, on the radio, at dentists and on Facebook! What does this mean? Does it mean you’re so calm at the dentist that you fall asleep? Although that does happen sometimes, that’s not exactly what it means.

Some of you may be too nervous to get treatment done in the chair. This could be due to previous bad experiences from when you were young or just an unknown fear.

There are 2 options for you:

  1. Undergo treatment under a General Anaesthetic – This is when you are completely asleep (usually in a hospital setting) and you get all your work done then.
  2. Sleep dentistry – most of the time this means getting treatment done at the Dental Clinic while a specialist Anaesthetist uses IV sedation. The Anaesthetist is present for the full duration of the appointment while you are sedated, along with the dentist. This tends to avoid a visit to the hospital and is considerably less of a cost to you as well. Please note that the Anaesthetist will have to assess if you are suitable for this before we go ahead.

At Cranbourne North Dental, we offer both options! Our in-house service is supported by Anaesthetists from the Sleeping Safely group.
If you have any questions or are interested in this service, contact us now!

We usually recommend a comprehensive consult including x-rays to determine what is required. We can then proceed to give you a treatment plan and liaise with the Anaesthetist to organise appointments for you.

Sweet dreams!