Most adults would have at least 1 amalgam filling in their lifetime. It isn’t as common nowadays so young kids are unlikely to have any in their mouth. We don’t tend to do many amalgam fillings mainly due to the fact that most people don’t like the look of it, which is fair enough!

What are amalgam fillings
They are the ‘silver’ or ‘grey’ coloured filling material in your teeth. It is a made of an alloy of metals including mercury. It is perfectly safe to have in your mouth and rest assured there are no medical concerns with having it as a filling

Do I need to get it replaced?
Not all amalgam fillings need to be replaced.

  • Some will need replacement if the margin is ‘creeping’ (this means the sides are lifting off the margin of the tooth and creating a gap)
  • If there is decay or it is broken
  • For aesthetic reasons e.g. you don’t like the dark colour on your tooth
  • Cracks on the filling or around the tooth

Do dentists still do amalgam fillings?

Although it is not very common, it is still done in select cases.

  • Cases where it is difficult to keep the area dry and clean for a white filling
  • Sometimes as a base after a root canal is done
  • In people with poor cleaning or a high risk of decay occurring again

The main issue that we have found with amalgam fillings is when they have a problem, it is usually a big problem relating to cracks/decay. Rest assured that otherwise amalgam fillings are still safe to be done and still safe to have in your mouth. There are a lot of myths surrounding this topic.

If you are unsure, speak to your dental professional and they can discuss it with you as well. Feel free to give us a call or book online and we can check your old fillings for you.