We understand that dental visits can be a little daunting for some, but they don’t have to be — & here’s how we can help! 🥰

Speak to your dentist about your concerns surrounding dental appointments. 
Be transparent about any past negative dental experiences (this allows us to assist you as best we can).

Ask questions to ensure you are well informed regarding your oral health and any treatment you may require.
Find methods to assist in easing your nerves during dental treatments – this can help redirect your focus and ease your thoughts. 

Some helpful methods include. 👇🏼

〰️ Proactive breathing / relaxation techniques – this will help calm your mind & body prior to your appointment. 😌

〰️ Establishing a safe signal with your dentist in case you feel the need for a break during the appointment. ✋🏼

〰️ Listening to calming music or a podcast you may enjoy. 🎶

〰️ Use of a stress ball (can be provided at your appointment)

〰️ Your choice of Tv programs available at our clinic.


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