Well summer is finally here! Although we have not had a real summer till now, hopefully 2017 will start with some warmer weather!

Summer is the best time to flash your pearly white smile! We offer take-home and in-chair whitening.

What’s the difference?
The in-chair bleach hass a much stronger concentration and is perfect if you’ve got a wedding or another special event coming up and you want a white smile quickly! You will still need to do a take home whitening to maintain the shade over time, which we offer with our all-inclusive price for in-chair whitening.

The take-home whitening is a kit that includes 2 custom made whitening trays (we take moulds your teeth) and product as well and you can whiten yourself in the comfort of your own home. You generally need to do it every day at the start and once you’re at the shade you’re happy with, we recommend doing a top up once in a while depending on your diet and lifestyle. E.g. if you drink a lot of coffee/tea or wine, you may need to top up more often!

What’s the difference between whitening at the dentist and other whitening?
Other whitening include: whitening toothpastes, kiosks at shopping centres, beauticians, online whitening packs.
The main thing to remember is that whitening is a medical procedure done in your mouth. If done incorrectly, it can cause a lot of damage including chemical burns to your face and mouth and extreme sensitivity. The only person trained professionally to do whitening is a dentist. So make sure you ONLY get it done at your dentist. Also don’t use standard (non-fitted) trays to do whitening- it doesn’t work as well and the whitening product can get all over your gums!

Now onto whitening toothpaste -> it’s a gimmick! It will barely do anything to whiten your teeth. It has a minimal concentration of the whitening product so it doesn’t have any noticeable effect. It does work well to keep stains off your teeth but you don’t want to use it too often as it is quite abrasive and can wear out your enamel with daily use.

So as with anything, you definitely only get what you pay for! So please be careful and make sure you see a dentist if you want to whiten your teeth.

If you want any more information about whitening, call us now or book online for a consult!