Dr Ammu Ruby graduated from the University of Queensland Dental School in 2010. She is a Melbourne girl and although she went to Queensland to study Dentistry, she soon returned. She tells people it was for family but the delicious food in Melbourne might have something to do with it too.

Dr Ammu excels in providing comfort and reassurance to anxious patients, turning what might be a nerve-wracking experience into a calm one. Her expertise also extends to extractions, even intricate surgical wisdom tooth extractions when necessary. Beyond that, Dr Ammu is well-versed in all aspects of General Dentistry. Her genuine enjoyment of treating patients of all age groups, adds an element of diversity and vibrancy to her practice. To stay at the forefront of her field, she is committed to continuous improvement, regularly attending continuing education courses. This dedication ensures that she remains abreast of the latest advancements in dentistry, guaranteeing the highest quality of care for her patients.

Outside of dentistry, Dr Ammu loves to spend time with her family and 2 kids. She loves dancing, watching movies, TV shows and eating out!

Adding a touch of excitement, Dr Ammu can be deemed an “almost famous” dentist.

  • Did you know that Dr Ammu has appeared on The Chase Australia? Do you think she won? You better ask her when you see her!
  • Dr Ammu also extends her passion for helping others beyond the dental chair. She has been featured on ABC radio, sharing insights into her pro bono dental treatment with patients from Rebuilding Smiles and Adopt a patient programs, initiatives facilitated by the Australian Dental Association Dental Health Foundation (ADAHF). Her involvement in these programs showcases her commitment to making a positive impact in the community.
  • She’s appeared in a Dental Magazine extolling the virtues of the ceiling mounted TV at our Practice! (see here)
  • Moreover, Dr Ammu has found herself in the newspaper a couple of times, although that was unrelated to dentistry.
  • Other spoken languages include Malayalam. 

Dr Bruno Lim, a graduate of the University of Queensland (UQ) Dental School in 2010, brings a wealth of experience to Cranbourne North Dental. Originally basking in the Queensland sunshine, Dr Bruno Lim made the move down south to Melbourne after gaining valuable insights from various Regional Queensland clinics and helped contributed to several Melbourne-based practices before settling here at Cranbourne North Dental.

Dr Bruno Lim’s main interests and passion lies in complex dental treatment plans including implants, clear aligners (Invisalign™) and root-canals. He has completed several intensive CPD training over the years which include orthodontic, Invisalign™, dental implants, paediatric dentistry, comprehensive dental treatment planning and team training. Notably, he holds a Diploma in Clinical Orthodontics from the City of London Dental School.

Dr Bruno Lim’s core vision is centred on delivering the comprehensive and compassionate dental care you need. His patient-centric approach involves taking the time to thoroughly discuss recommendations, ensuring your complete understanding of the dental care you deserve. Dr Lim firmly believes that your dental goals are achievable with his expert guidance. He also participates in the Rebuilding Smiles and Adopt a patient programs – providing pro-bono dental treatment to those in need.

Outside of his professional endeavours, Dr Bruno Lim is a self-proclaimed foodie who loves exploring Melbourne’s culinary delights. Additionally, he has a passion for Lego Star Wars, a hobby that’s subtly reflected in the clinic’s décor. Dr Lim’s contributions to the dental field have earned him recognition in various dental magazines, including features in:

  • Bite Magazine – Star Wars Lego collection (2017) (see here)
  • Bite Magazine – Isodam (2018) (see here)
  • Bite Magazine – Hawe Soft Clamps (2019) (see here)
  • Showcasing the practice’s OPG Machine in Australasian Dentist (2017) (PDF link here)
  • His expertise has also been highlighted in a recent Bite Magazine feature on the Anthos A7 dental chair (see here).
  • He’s even been featured in a local newspaper when he was working rurally in Warwick, Queensland (see here).

With a focus on family, Dr Bruno Lim, a father of two, actively engages in the seemingly mundane yet crucial task of teaching his children proper dental care practices, aiming to spare them from ever needing a filling from their own dentist dad.

Dr. Erwin Khoo, or ‘EJ,’ graduated with Honours from the University of Queensland (UQ) Dental School in 2014. After gaining significant experience working in regional Queensland and the Northern NSW region, he moved back home to the cooler climate of Melbourne.

Dr Erwin has a strong passion for comprehensive, preventative dentistry. He has completed multiple continuous professional development courses over the years relating to the management of gum problems and oral rehabilitation, and is currently completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Orthodontics. He also has significant experience treating patients under IV sedation and enjoys working together with our visiting sleep dentistry service provider to offer this treatment modality to his patients.

Dr. Erwin Khoo believes that the dental experience should be collaborative. Each appointment involves working closely with you in your treatment decisions to achieve not just a beautiful set of teeth, but long term oral health stability. Dr Erwin understands that not everyone loves coming to the dentist and seeks to make every experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Outside of work, EJ is a keen musician, having honed those fine motor skills from a very young age! He holds an Associate Diploma of Music (AMusA) in both Piano and Cello. He also enjoys running and a game of badminton in an attempt to keep fit, but mainly so that he can indulge a little bit more in one of his other passions – exploring the varied culinary delights Melbourne has to offer!

Dr. Daniella Lim, a graduate of La Trobe University’s Class of 2016 is a local Victorian, where she was both born and educated. Having completed her studies in rural Victoria, Dr. Daniella has had diverse experience in regions including Ballarat, Melton, and Bendigo.

Following the completion of her studies, Daniella devoted three and a half years to honing her skills in the dynamic healthcare landscape of Ballarat before making the pivotal decision to return to her cosmopolitan roots in Melbourne.

Dr. Daniella Lim dedicates a particular focus on the intricacies of sleep medicine. She sees beyond the conventional role of a dental practitioner, viewing herself as an oral physician. Her passion lies in conducting comprehensive oral assessments, recognizing their potential to unveil broader health indicators. In her practice, she approaches patient care holistically, acknowledging the interconnectedness of oral health and snoring/sleep with overall well-being. Dr. Daniella Lim embodies a philosophy that approaches each patient holistically, as she endeavours to make a positive change in her patients’ overall health and wellbeing, as well as educating them to understand what is happening in their own body.

To further her knowledge, Dr Daniella has obtained a Graduate Diploma from the City of London Dental School in Sleep Medicine. She has also completed CPD training in endodontics, paediatric dentistry, orofacial pain (TMD), aesthetic dentistry and treatment planning.

Outside of dentistry, Daniella enjoys travelling, cooking (and eating), exercising and spending time with her three (!) family dogs.

Other spoken languages include Korean. 

Dr. Patrick Ta, a graduate of James Cook University in Queensland, brings a wealth of experience garnered from practicing in regional Queensland and Tasmania to his current home in Melbourne.

Dr. Patrick is dedicated to ensuring a comfortable dental experience while taking pride in assisting patients in achieving their dental goals. His passion lies in empowering individuals, creating not just effective but also enjoyable dental experiences.

Driven by a desire to create a comfortable dental journey, Dr. Patrick aims to alleviate any dental phobias and reshape perceptions of dentistry, one visit at a time.

His special interests lie in restorative dentistry and root canal treatment, where he aspires to guide individuals through the complexities of oral health and enhance oral health literacy in a manner accessible to patients of all ages.

In the esteemed Journal of Investigative and Clinical Dentistry, Dr. Patrick has made a contribution to the dental field with his systematic review titled “Efficacy of gabapentin in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia: A systematic review of randomized controlled trials” (2019) (https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com).

Beyond the realm of dentistry, you will often find Dr. Patrick experimenting with culinary delights, showcasing his passion for cooking and exploring new gastronomic techniques.

Other spoken languages include Teo Chew. 

Dr. Vincent Hou is a dedicated professional who earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the esteemed University of Melbourne, with diverse experiences working in both private & public clinics across Victoria. 

He thrives on the diverse challenges of general dentistry, with a keen focus on restorative and surgical procedures, such as composite bonding and wisdom teeth extractions. Dr Vincent is passionate about upskilling and further learning, and has attended various continued professional development training over the years, most notably completing the comprehensive General Dental Residency (GDR) course. He has also been involved with the University of Melbourne’s Teddy Bear Hospital for 4 years, a program that aims to provide children with positive health care experiences, promote health and well-being in a fun and interactive way, while providing future healthcare professionals the opportunity to improve communication skills with children. 

His commitment to patient care is unwavering, prioritizing effective communication, empathy, and building strong connections to foster a comfortable and stress-free environment for improving dental health. Ultimately, Dr. Vincent Hou finds true fulfilment in witnessing the genuine smiles of his patients.

Hailing from the picturesque shores of Aotearoa/New Zealand, Dr. Vincent Hou embarked on his journey to Melbourne at the age of 18. Beyond his dental pursuits, Vincent enjoys an active lifestyle, whether on the soccer field, pushing himself at the gym, or simply unwinding with his loyal border collie & companion, Lumos. A self proclaimed foodie as well, you will definitely find him venturing around Melbourne in search of the finest culinary delights.

Other spoken languages include Mandarin and Cantonese.

Dr. Poli Gunaridis works exclusively in the field of implant and regenerative dentistry. Since graduating from the University of Queensland, Dr. Poli has placed over 3000 implants and performed highly advanced implant and regenerative surgeries. He has lectured both locally and internationally on the topics of implant and graft procedures and continues to do so on a regular basis.

Working together with the team at Cranbourne North Dental, Dr. Poli offers high end solutions for complex and also highly aesthetically demanding cases and takes pride in achieving top quality outcomes for all his patients.

When not thinking about teeth, Dr. Poli and his wife like to enjoy the restaurant and cafe culture that Melbourne has to offer.

Other spoken languages include Greek.


Dr Huy Thien Do graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2020 with a diverse experience working across multiple clinics across regional and rural Victoria. Being fluent in Vietnamese has helped expand his services to the local community.

Dr Huy Thien is a diligent practitioner with great attention to detail. His main passion in dentistry lies in providing high-quality dental care and focusing his skills in the restorative aspect and root canal treatments, reinforced by his constant drive to improve through continuing professional development courses. As such, he is always updating his knowledge and skills so that his patients can always be one step ahead of the rest!

Dr Huy Thien has a strong vision to help and overcome every person’s dental anxiety by providing a calm, relaxing and non-judgmental environment. He values patient trust and believes in comprehensively treating your dental needs via a thorough examination and joint discussion as he understands that everyone is unique.

Outside of dentistry, Dr Huy Thien spends his time visiting and trying Melbourne’s best culinary delights, having a hit of tennis/badminton, or looking after his adorable corgi called Tofu!

Other spoken languages include Vietnamese. 

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