The root cause of sensitive teeth is when there is enamel wear which then exposes the inside layer of the tooth called ‘dentine’. The enamel is like a shield and the ‘dentine’ makes up the majority of the tooth on the inside. Dentine can feel cold sensitivity quite sharply.

TOP 5 reasons where your teeth are sensitive

  1. Gum recession
    • Are your gums shrinking away from your teeth? Does it appear that your teeth are getting longer? This is because your gums are receding and the area that is exposed near the gum does not have any enamel over it and is actually the root surface which makes it very sensitive!
  2. Decay
    • Simple answer- decay creates a hole in your tooth creating sensitivity!
  3. Acid wear
    • Acid wear from dietary habits, reflux, other habits can wear your enamel away as well.
  4. Brushing too hard
    • Brushing too hard is a really common cause of sensitivity! Make sure you are using a soft toothbrush and brush in a gentle circular motion. Your toothbrush bristles should look nearly the same as when it was new, even when you replace it. The reason you replace a toothbrush is because of the bacteria growing on it. So if your bristles look like this –> INSERT IMAGE then time to brush softer or invest in an electric toothbrush. It isn’t as easy to scrub your teeth that hard with an electric toothbrush so it’s much gentler on your teeth!
  5. Over-whitening your teeth
    • Whitening (done by the dentist or supplied by the dentist) is a perfectly safe treatment to do. This is obviously provided that you follow the method correctly. Some people whiten too regularly and for too long and this can create sensitivity. So as with anything – you must follow the instructions!
    • Whitening toothpastes are very abrasive and have little effect whitening your teeth. So do not use it as a regular toothpaste as it can wear your enamel.

What to do to reduce sensitivity?
First of all, see your dentist. You need to find out the cause of your sensitivity and then figure out ways to deal with it.

Other tips:

  • Change your dietary habits and cut down acid intake
  • Change your brushing techniques
  • Try sensitive toothpaste – this doesn’t cure sensitivity and needs to be used daily for good results.

Come see us and let us help with your sensitivity so you can eat an ice-cream* drink a nice cold glass of water with no fear!

*Ice-cream is bad for your teeth but delicious so we’ll allow it as a treat (sometimes)!